Friday, March 2, 2012

We are just waiting here at the Davidson house. Our case manager confirmed that our paperwork was forwarded on to Russia the same day that she received it. That was last Friday. Since it has been a week, it should be there and probably translated by now.

It is crazy that it has been almost a month since we left for trip #1. Wow...times goes by fast! Not fast enough when you are waiting on a court date though.

This week has been pretty normal. My current task is to begin working on Riley Ann's life book. This will be one of the resources that we use to teach RA about her adoption and how she was brought into our family. I went yesterday to gather supplies at Joanne's craft store and Hobby Lobby. I can't wait to get started on it!

I am just blown away by all the friends that I have made here that are adopting. One from Uganda, one from Bulgaria, one from Ethiopia, one from Ukraine, and one from China. Two of these families live in the neighborhood right next to ours. It is amazing to watch how God is moving in these adoptions. Pray for these families, too. Like our adoption, they are encountering the hurdles and frustrations that come with the process. Satan is an enemy of adoption and often comes at adoptive families full force! The wonderful news is that our God loves adoption and ultimately He is the one that is going to place all of these children in their forever homes!

This weekend is big for Russia. They are having their presidential election on Sunday, March 4. David and I have been watching documentaries to learn more about Russia's history. Wow, it interesting and eye opening! It has challenged my heart to really pray for the people there.

Please pray that the outcome of this election does not affect anything adoption related.


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