Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Monday, we received an email asking us to redo the portion of our paperwork that is needed for us to be registered in the different regions. David and I worked diligently on this that same day and were able to submit them for review to our case manager that same evening. The next day (Tuesday) we got another email telling us that Russia has changed the forms again and that we needed to redo them. Thankfully, this part of the paperwork does not take much time. It is just filling in some personal info (passport numbers, birthdate, etc). We completed the second revision and that is where we are as of right now. David took all the new paperwork to be notarized today. I am heading back to Austin tomorrow to get the documents apostilled. The silver lining to this is that we will soon be registered in 7 regions. This should shorten the wait time even more because we are going from 3 regions to 7 regions.