Monday, November 30, 2009

Latest news

I took all the notarized documents to Austin on Wednesday to have them apostilled. I sent them to our case manager. She received the documents today and proceeded to put them in the mail to go to Russia TODAY!! Praise the Lord- we will soon have our name in at least 3 regions in Russia. We are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do- when He will bring our little one home to us.

Thanksgiving was a blast. On Thursday, we went to Lake Livingston to spend the day and that night. We froze in the lake house because we forgot to turn the heat on. Not one person was able to brave the cold temp to get out of bed to check the heater. So cold, but so much fun. On Friday, we returned to Houston to celebrate with the other side of the family. I ate so much but that is what happens on Thanksgiving.

We are so busy right now. This weekend, we are heading to San Antonio to see our cousin, Jared, get married. We are so blessed to have so much time with family.

Next Thursday, I leave to go to NY to have a girl's weekend with my mom, sister, niece, two cousins, and two aunts. We are going to see the play "Wicked" while we are there. I am preparing to really experience the cold weather.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great News! We received word today from our case manager that Buckner is now working with 2 additional regions in Russia. Also, as of today Russia is now allowing families to register their dossier in more than one region. She told us that this should shorten our wait time!!!

I received this news late this afternoon and I am almost finished printing everything we need to add our dossier to another region. It is mostly printing additional copies of what we have already sent in.