Monday, February 6, 2012

Praise the LORD we made it to Saint Petersburg!

We are in our hotel room right now about to go to bed. It is 8:32 p.m. here.

Natasha picked us up from the airport. She is a sweet lady and we look forward to our time here with her.

Y'all should see this hotel! It resides in a huge building with many shops, restuarants, and a supermarket.

Amy and I went to the supermarket to get some water tonight. Also, we walked over to McDonald's for a Big Mac. I had one. Amy wasn't hungry.

We are looking forward to our day tomorrow to explore Saint Petersburg, but Wednesday is the big day!!



  1. I just clicked on thinking ya'll wouldn't have posted yet and yea to see this and know you are there safe. You will have an awesome time with Natasha. St Pete history is fascinating! Also, that monastery across from your hotel is old but neat and maybe Natasha can get you in the church there and tell you more about the famous people in the graveyard:) But the most famous person in St Pete is your little girl!! We love ya'll! Steve and Mary

  2. So happy that you posted. I was checking it over and over again. We are praying for all 3 of you. Praying that there would be a sweet bod and that she would know immediately that she can trust you both.