Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our meeting!

We are excited to say that we met her and she is adorable!

We arrived at the baby home and remained in the waiting area until they brought her to us. We began interacting with her on the sofas in the waiting area until we were able to move to the music room. Here we were able to sit in the floor and just play. We brought a set of stacking bowls that she seemed to like. Her absolute favorite toy was one that another family in the same room had brought for their little girl. They kindly gave the toy to Riley Ann. We spent probably an hour with her. She is extremely energetic. We each had time with her and we were able to gather lots of pictures. Our visit was right after lunch, so she grew sleepy towards the end of our visit. I think she probably would have curled up in my arms and fallen asleep. David had her in his arms when the caregiver came to take her. She was hesitant to go with her and acted as she wanted to stay with him. The caregiver even made a comment about how she seemed to want to stay with "daddy". Of course she said it in Russian!

We can't wait to go back tomorrow to see her. We also get to see her on Saturday since we had a change in schedule due to the second doctor visit that was required.

Speaking of the doctor visit, we had our 8 doctor medical visit. Normally we would have done this on trip 2 for court. Since David needed his complete check for this trip, I went ahead and had mine too. We started early in the morning and ended around 10:30. The Lord gave us favor with the doctors because they were all there bright and early with just less than a day's notice of the appointment. They were so delightful to work with and we grew so attached to the hospital administrator. She was so hospitable to us. She had us in her office and gave us many cups of tea and goodies in between doctors. We saw a neurologist, oncologist, psychologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, pulmonologist, infectious disease doctor, and a general practice doctor. We also had full panel of blood work done. The great news is that we checked out just fine! They all signed off and this is exactly what the adoption committee needed.

It is currently 5:30 pm (we are ten hours ahead) and it has been a full day. It has been so great for us to see this side of the adoption process and how hard the staff here works.

I will post again tomorrow after our visit to the baby home and our trip to Paul and Peter's fortress.

David and Amy


  1. Oh, I loved reading this. Tomorrow, I want more details about how she looks, acts, sounds...all of it. Give her kisses from aunt Lisa.


  2. So excited!!! Can't wait to hear more details too:) Love and hugs - the Kleins